Push-up dialog ads

December 20, 2018

What is 'Push-Up' ad?

‘Mobile Dialog Ad’ is a new advertising tool to make the most of your mobile traffic and offers.
It’s a native mobile dialog window. A mobile device user receives a message when touches the screen.
Push-up ads are displayed atop the publishers’ website in a mobile dialog box with two call-to-action buttons.

Publisher's website does have to meet the 'mobile-friendly design' requirements for Push-Up ads to be displayed.

Push-Up advantages:

A native Push-Up ad developed exclusively for mobiles allows you to engage a mobile audience without disturbing them.
Mobile pushup window has a common, native look with two interaction buttons so we the users can choose whether they are interested in such a content or not.

  • High delivery and conversions rate
  • New opportunities for promotional ideas
  • Compatibility with all mobile devices
  • Google-friendly advertising format

How to start


A code is ready for use in the publishers'


Pushup campaign creation is already available for you in the Self–Serve platform

Clickadu Team

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