Push Notifications

December 20, 2018

What is 'Push Notification'?

'Push Notification' is a marketing tool that allows you to monetize or advertise your audience even if they are not browsing the web.
Website visitor receives an invitation to subscribe for news or special offers. Subscribed users receive notification ads.

Advantages of Push Notifications:

Browser notifications are the best way to monetize your website and promote your products with real high-quality traffic. You earn money even if your visitor is not on your website anymore.

  • Interactive messages give you a wide range of promotional ideas: icons, photo, text
  • Highly-effective non-browsing monetization
  • Permission based, Google-friendly advertising format
  • Highly compatible with other advertising formats
  • Available for mobile and desktop devices
  • High conversions and delivery rates

How to start

Push notification ad format is available for publishers. Please contact your dedicated manager or Support team to get all the information to work with Native Subscriptions.

Clickadu Team

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