An advanced marketing tracking platform for Media Buying Teams and Agencies.

PeerClick brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place with ANN (artificial neural network) traffic distribution module. PeerClick enables you to work with different kinds of traffic sources, manage advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.

We believe that the main idea for modern analytic platform is to provide a powerful user-friendly smart tool. To resolve this problem we have to implement fundamentally new, more effective principles of data handling. Nowadays you can create hundreds of reports and it will end up in a huge difference. You can forget about the loss of time for waiting once and for all! PeerClick is the leader in processing speed. Our goal is to increase your efficiency.


AdsBridge is an intelligent traffic tracker and traffic distribution system with built-in landing page editor. Whole platform are user-friendly, support team people are outgoing and helpful.

AdsBridge featuring:

Advanced split testing system. Perform your A/B test at way another level. Flows. Create a template for targeting settings and it’ll make the campaign creation much easier. Precise targeting. Be more accurate by targeting a state, a city, carrier or IP - we have that. Wonderful pricing to cover huge volumes. We have some exclusive prices for that! OneLink. Start your own Smartlink Business. -

Get 100% of AdsBridge capabilities under 14-day trial, which is free of charge.

Use ClickAdu25 discount coupon to have 25% off any base plan. Sign up and apply it at "Change plan" section of your account.


The Leading Mobile Affiliate Network Worldwide

Mobidea specializes in mobile subscriptions, sweepstakes, and pin submits.

The affiliate network converts your mobile traffic, allowing you to either send it to profitable offers or to auto-optimize it using the Smartlink®, an advanced algorithm that automatically connects your traffic to the best offers, a technology which makes sure you always have the highest possible revenues. Mobidea gives for all affiliates free affiliate tracking capabilities.

Mobidea's 100.000+ users have free affiliate tracking capabilities, receive fast payments, and can get paid via Wire Transfer, PayPal, FirstchoicePay, Payza, Paxum and ePayments.


clickBakers is a smart traffic management solution for digital marketers to maximize web&mobile traffic performance via advanced post-click optimization.

Our very easy-to-use web-based platform is designed for everyone in the digital marketing industry involved with online traffic management - website owners, affiliates, and affiliate networks, advertisers and publishers, online marketers and media buyers, ad networks and agencies.


Advanced targeting tools for all types of online traffic including mobile, tablet, IPTV and desktop Precise mobile carrier targeting with accurate and exclusive database of IP ranges from mobile operators worldwide Effortless optimization with simple to set up A/B testing, real time redirects and flexible campaign rules Progressive tools to improve traffic performance with analytics, segmentation, targeting and optimization all in one place.

Easy to Implement. Simple to Use. No Click Wasted. Profits Maximized.


Direct Advertiser & International Affiliate Network.

The main verticals are COD (Cash On Delivery) & Free Trials, where we have only our in-house products. They also manage own Call Centers for our offers, delivery & etc.

That's why Leadbit can give their Publishers the Highest payouts on the market for all GEOs that they have.

It's also worth mentioning that Leadbit has Exclusive contracts with mobile Carriers for 1-Click Flow & PIN Submit offers; Top Notch Sweepstakes offers; the highest performing direct CPI offers.

Join at


The leading tool for native ads, analytics, and optimisation.

Voluum is an end-to-end performance marketing platform for Native Ads advertising, tracking and optimizing any type of performance campaign. It’s a part of Codewise, the second-fastest-growing company in Europe according to The Financial Times. The Voluum ecosystem lets you to run Native Ad campaigns and manage them effectively. You can advertise, track, analyze and optimize within just one platform. With Voluum, you’ll scale up the performance of your campaigns to a new level, get more insights and increase your overall revenue and profits. You save your time while still earning money! Get the six-month 25% discount for all base plans with this coupon: CADU-Y9sH-XCNs

Redeem it here: and sign up with the applied discount.


Keitaro is a universal tracker for affiliate marketers.

Keitaro provides flexible web and mobile traffic filtering platform with advanced cloaking features, which increase operational efficiency. All-in-one service. Run through Keitaro everything you'd like, Facebook ads, Adwords, teasers, popups, email subscribers lists.

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