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Clickadu is the fastest growing popunder ad network for web and mobile channels. The biggest tracking software providers Voluum, AdsBridge, Bemob, Binom, Tracking Desk recommend Clickadu as a trusted traffic source for top media buyers. We have a number of exclusive contracts, self-made high-innovative technologies, anti-malware, bot and fraud filtering IT tools, not to mention a high-skilled international team.

What we do

We create new online-advertising technologies to open new life opportunities for every partner from any corner of the globe. With the help of our cutting-edge platform we are able to buy traffic from thousands of placements worldwide and sell it to brand promoters and media buyers in accordance with specific targeting options. Thus, advertisers get a perfect booster for ROI, brand awareness and revenue, while media partners — a steady income for displaying ads.

How we grow

Why do 8K publishers work with us?

Clickadu buys out all of the website traffic, pays regularly on an automated basis, provides a user-friendly self-serve platform with updated stats and offers a unique referral program. The dedicated managers are 24/7 at your service making an advance to meet your financial and technical needs. Publishers enjoy higher CPM rates in comparison to many other competitors, on some geos reaching $15 and more. We guarantee 100% clean ads.


Why do 5K advertisers work with us?

Clickadu delivers almost 200M+ impressions from 240+ GEOs daily. Advertisers may choose between CPM and CPA models, as well as between being managed or self-served with the help of a user-friendly platform. For any type Clickadu ensures detailed targeting, precise stats and good rates. Advertisers can pay in multiple ways from credit cards and e-wallets to wire. Among popular solutions there is API integration for remote campaign management, RTB and Smartlink mediabuying.


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