Self-Serve Platform recent upgrades

May 29, 2018

Dear partner,

Close to our huge 2.1 platform update, we have rolled out a Twix new features to our advertising platform we haven’t yet announced. Feeling thrilled? Well, here we go.

Flat traffic spreading.

We all know that marketing is followed by a whole lot of tests. In case to increase the productivity and significance of A/B tests we have wired our traffic distribution system to spread traffic equally between the campaigns with the same targeting and bid options.

How to use it/how to get it?

It’s simply embedded into our Self-Serve Platform and ready to go.

Postback URL.

A significant step to the expected return of the SmartCPA bidding system. Seem nothing new on the surface but it does have some improvements.

  • Postback is now more secured and generates with the personal hash individually for each advertiser.
  • A new conversions scoring system with more accurate statistics.

How to get your tracking URL? Use the ‘Tracking’ tab in the Self-Serve Platform.

Happy earnings!

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